CARSON Modular Sofa


- Genuine Cowhide - Thick Leather (Half Leather)

- Leather Thickness: 1.4-1.6mm (Usual thickness of leather for sofa is 0.9-1.2mm only)

- Filling: High Density Foam

- Wide Selection of Colour Choices


Unique Feature: 

- with or without Recliner (manual recliner as standard)

- Upgrade to Powered-recliner: Top up RM490/each



2+L or R2+L: L230 x D92+165(L) x H106 cm

3+L or R3+L: L293 x D92+165(L) x H106 cm

1s or 1R: L102 x D92 x H106 cm

2s or 2RR: L165 x D92 x H106 cm

3s or 3RR: L229 x D92 x H106 cm

CARSON Modular Sofa

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